Legal challenge to nuclear reactor shutdowns in Germany

RWE, one of the big German power companies, is suing the German government about the government-ordered shutdown of the Biblis A nuclear reactor. Apparently, RWE is losing between 700000 and one million euros per day that the plant is shutdown.

I would be the first person to agree that
a) the decision of Angela Merkel’s government to extend the runtimes of the remaining 17 nuclear reactors for years beyond the already ratified shutdown date was a very stupid move, and
b) that the rapid faceabout of Merkel and her government in the face of the Fukushima disaster led to overhastened decisions.
And as a result, the current moratorium, i.e. the preliminary shutdown of the seven oldest nuclear power stations while safety measures are being reviewed, might probably be challenged in court.

However, considering the overwhelming opposition to nuclear power in Germany, this move won’t win RWE any friends.

What is more, Biblis is the oldest of the 17 remaining nuclear power stations in Germany and one of the unsafest, having already experienced several incidents, some of them quite severe. Besides, according to the original shutdown plan for the German nuclear power stations, Biblis should already have been shut down permanently in 2007.

The shutdown of the other six aging reactors is not contested, by the way, because those six reactors are operated by other companies.

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