Energy Links for the Weekend

It’s been a busy weekend, at least as far as energy related news are concerned.

Let’s begin with alternative energy:

According to the Bloomberg report, the costs for generating solar energy may already rival those of coal Found via Juan Cole.

On Friday, Bard 1 Offshore, the second offshore windpark on the German coast, went online. The two existing German offshore windparks, Alpha Ventus and Bard 1, are both located in the North Sea, but next month the first offshore windpark will go online in the Baltic Sea. Here is a longer article about German offshore windparks in German.

Remember the nuclear power station at Indian Point in upstate New York I mentioned in my previous post. Environmentalist Helen Caldicott describes what would happen in case of a nuclear meltdown at Indian Point in Newsweek.

Also from Newsweek, here is an assessment of the dangers posed by the two nuclear reactors in California, both of which are endangered by earthquakes, tsunamis and flooding.

Meanwhile, opposition to nuclear power is growing in Asia. On Sunday, thousands of people took part in anti-nuclear protest marchs in Tokyo, while South Korean environmentalists protested against dumping radioactive water from the Fukushima reactor into the sea.

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