Nuclear Dinosaurs on the Move

In a regional election in Japan a pro-nuclear power candidate just beat an anti-nuclear power candidate. There might have been other issues in play here, as very few elections are decided by a single issue, but it is still depressing that even after experiencing a triple nuclear meltdown in their own country, the Japanese are still supporting nuclear power.

Here is a pro-nuclear editorial from the Washington Post. How many nuclear power stations are there in the immediate vicinity of Washington D.C., one wonders?

A quick check of this map of nuclear power stations in the US shows at least five or six nuclear power stations, all with several reactors, dangerously close to Washington D.C.

George Monbiot is still defending nuclear power at the Guardian and offers the ultra-pro-nuclear France of all places as a model.

Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Catalog guy, is still defending nuclear power as well and is really pissed off that Germany has decided to shut down its nuclear power plants. I blogged about Stewart Brand and his pro-nuclear stance before and it seems he has only gotten worse since then. In this interview, he says that democracy is not a good way of dealing with energy supply issues (because in a democracy, the electorate may not want to live with the danger of having their homes contaminated by a faulty nuclear power stations) anyway and that dictatorships are preferable. It’s bad enough – though somewhat expected – to hear that sort of stuff from far right politicians. But this guy is a hippie icon or used to be one.

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