International Anti-Nuclear Opposition

Germany is getting out of nuclear power till 2022 and other countries are beginning to question nuclear power as well.

This weekend, the people of Italy voted against reintroducing nuclear power in a referendum. Italy had already voted for shutting down its nuclear reactors in the 1980s, but Silvio Berlusconi recently planed new nuclear reactors.

This weekend also saw anti-nuclear protest marches in Japan to mark the three-month anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami which caused the Fukushima disaster.

At the CNN website, American correspondent in Japan Richard Smart explains why he takes part in the anti-nuclear protests in Japan.

There is more prominent support for the anti-nuclear power movement in Japan as well. For in the Guardian, Japanese writer Haruki Murakami speaks out against Japan’s continued reliance on nuclear power.

Finally, at the Wall Street Journal, not exactly a bastion of anti-nuclear power activism, a clean-up worker at the Fukushima nuclear power plant criticizes the lax safety standards.

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