Introducing Pegasus Pulp

Cora also writes fiction and has been following the rise of self-published e-books with great interest. And now she has decided to make the jump and reissue some of her previously published stories in electronic form at our new e-publishing company Pegasus Pulp.

If you want to know more about Pegasus Pulp, visit the About us and FAQ pages.

Every publishing company needs books, so we are launching with three e-books:

The Other Side of the Curtain, a thrilling spy tale set in East Germany in 1966

Outlaw Love, a tale of hangings and lesbian bandits in the Old West

Rites of Passage, a coming of age story set in a pirate society on a world with two moons

Buy our books at, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany with more formats coming soon. If the books are not yet live, please be patient and check back tomorrow.

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