Offshore Windfarms in the UK

According to this article from the Guardian, the UK has more offshore windfarms than any other country either in Europe or in the world.

The Guardian also has a photo gallery of the assembly of an offshore wind turbine. There is a lot of logistics involved in building and assembling offshore wind turbines. Addy has been working on developing auxiliary systems for assembling and maintaining offshore wind turbines such as cranes, cleaning systems, etc…

So is everything well in the UK then? Well, not everything, because wind power also has its share of detractors. One of them is Donald Trump. Of course, Trump is not British, but his company operates a golf resort in Scotland and Trump believes that a planned windfarm off the Scottish coast will ruin the view from his golf course. Apparently, Mr Trump and his wealthy guests are not at all bothered by the potential danger to his golf course posed by nuclear power stations. Why care about the environment, as long as the wealthy get to hit their golf balls in a pretty landscape with seaview?

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