Solar power gaining traction in the US

The US is not exactly the first country that comes to mind, when thinking of solar power generation by private citizens. However, today I saw two very different reports which suggest that solar power is gaining popularity in the US.

The first was this profile of everybody’s favourite nasty oil baron/astronaut with djinn issues (depending on whether you first saw him on Dallas or I Dream of Jeannie) Larry Hagmann that aired on the German cultural program Kulturzeit today. It’s been known for a while that in his private life and convictions Larry Hagmann is pretty much the polar opposite of the delightfully villainous J.R. Ewing. The profile even revealed that Larry Hagmann is a supporter of alternative energy and owns the largest private solar power station in the US. Take that, J.R. Ewing.

Then tonight I came across the following post linked on a writers’ forum that I frequent: American writer R. Doug Wicker blogs about installing solar panels on his roof and also includes some pictures.

So yes, it certainly looks as if solar power generation by private citizens is getting more popular in the US.

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