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Addy Buhlert was born on June 28th, 1938.

After finishing his apprenticeship at the AG Weser yard in Bremen, Germany, he studied marine engineering at the Technical College in Bremen.

In the following years, he worked for the Adler shipyard, Hansa Line, and Hapag Lloyd AG in Bremen, the Blohm + Voss AG in Hamburg as well as the company Ocean Combustion Service, Rotterdam, a subsidiary of Waste Management Inc., Oak Brook, ILL, USA. He also spent a few years as a freelancer in Singapore und Malaysia.

Since 2004, he has been working as a freelance engineering consultant.


Cora Buhlert was born on April 18th, 1973.

She graduated from the University of Bremen with an MA degree in English. Since then she has been teaching English linguistics at the University of Vechta and technical English at the THW Bundesschule in Hoya. Currently, she is teaching English at a local highschool.

Cora Buhlert is also a professional translator, specializing in technical translation. For more information, go here.

For a list of Cora Buhlert’s publication credits, please click here.

For further information about Cora Buhlert, also visit her personal website.

Diese Seite gibt es auch auf Deutsch.

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