Alternative Energy

In the age of global warming and nuclear disasters, alternative energy will become ever more important. Right now, most of the discussion of alternative energy focuses on large-scale projects. But in order to maintain the energy supply for the entire population, small scale projects are just as crucial.

We have been operating a photovoltaic solar cell plant on our roof since 2005. In an average year, this plant generates approx. 15000 kilowatt hours of power and saves approx. 12000 kilograms of CO² emissions.

In 2007, we replaced our furnace with a cogeneration unit, that is a furnace coupled with a generator. As the only heating system which pays back the costs of its operation, cogeneration units are ideal for family homes and small companies.

In 2008, finally, we added a solar powered hot water system to our roof.

We are happy to share our experiences with alternative energy generation and offer consulting services and assistance for small scale alternative energy projects.

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