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The Wind Tree – a new striking wind power generator for urban environments

France is not really a country you associate with renewable energy, considering how steadfast the French cling to nuclear power. Hence I was quite surprised to come across this CNN article about the so-called Arbre à Vent a.k.a. “Wind Tree”, … Continue reading

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Oil spill combating news and the nuclear dinosaurs of France and the US

Nuclear power is on its way out in Germany, but unfortunately other countries are still seeing nuclear as a viable energy source. For example, in the US the regulatory body has just approved the first nuclear reactors to be built … Continue reading

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January Energy Links

I will compile a recap of 2011 energy yields as well as our other activities in the next few days, but for now here are some energy links from around the world: First of all, a recent report revealed that … Continue reading

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France reminds us that nuclear power is never safe

If anybody needed a reminder that nuclear power is not safe, no matter what the respective authorities say, yesterday’s explosion at a nuclear waste processing facility in Southern France should have served that purpose. The incident at the nuclear facility … Continue reading

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Fukushima disaster even worse than initially believed

The danger level of the Fukushima disaster has now officially been raised to level 7, that is the highest possible level. This puts the Fukushima disaster on the same level as Chernobyl, even though the amount of radioactive material released … Continue reading

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