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Experiments with magma-powered energy in Iceland

The Iceland Deep Drilling Project, an experimental geothermal energy project in Iceland, accidentally struck a pocket of magma while drilling and managed to utilize the heat of the magma to generate steam. Found via Jay Lake. This is very fascinating. … Continue reading

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January Energy Links

I will compile a recap of 2011 energy yields as well as our other activities in the next few days, but for now here are some energy links from around the world: First of all, a recent report revealed that … Continue reading

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Nuclear power, geothermal without quakes and oil spill combating

I’ve been slow in updating the ABC Buhlert blog, because I’ve been busy with translation work and Addy isn’t much into blogging. However, I’ve got a link roundup for you: This weekend again saw massive anti-nuclear protests with approximately ten … Continue reading

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