Americans are finally becoming aware of the dangers of nuclear power

At the alternative politics website Counterpunch, Chris Busby attacks and debunks the misinformation about the dangers of nuclear power in general and the consequences of the Fukushima disaster in particular. Considering how much the dangers of both the Fukushima disaster and nuclear power in general are downplayed in the US and Britain, it’s good to see some contrary views. Thanks to The Green Stuff for the link.

The Counterpunch also has a look inside what is dubbed America’s most dangerous nuclear power plant. What is particularly scary is that the plant in question, Indian Point is located on the banks of the Hudson River just 35 kilometers from Downtown Manhattan. This would put all of New York City right into the evacuation zone in the event of a serious incident.

At least, Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York state, called for the closure of the Indian Point plant in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

Finally, there are also some good news from Fukushima. The leak through which radioactive water was flowing right into the Pacific Ocean has finally been plugged.

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