Another possible nuclear disaster, this time in the US?

The Fukushima nuclear disaster happened only one hundred days ago and already another nuclear power station is threatened by flood waters.

The recent Missouri floods are threatening the nuclear power station Fort Calhoun in Nebraska. There may even have been a Level 4 incident and the danger of a meltdown, at least according to this article from the Pakistani newspaper The Nation and this report from a Hawaiian news site. However, according to this article from the website of a local Omaha TV station, everything is under control and there is no danger at all.

Which version is the correct one or is the truth somewhere in the middle? It is difficult to tell. However, it is telling that this story has been seriously underreported, not just in the US media but in the German media as well. I found these two German language sources from a Swiss news site which reports that a second nuclear power station in Cooper, Nebraska, downstream from Fort Calhoun, is affected by the Missouri floods as well. This alternative news site from the Saarland region also mentions the story and explains that several German reactors such as the one in Biblis are even less protected against flooding than the US reactors.

Finally, here is a blogger from Iowa who says that in the light of recent events Iowa and the rest of the US should join Germany in saying no to nuclear power.

Thanks to Jay Lake for pointing me to the story in the first place.

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