Oil spill combating news and the nuclear dinosaurs of France and the US

Nuclear power is on its way out in Germany, but unfortunately other countries are still seeing nuclear as a viable energy source. For example, in the US the regulatory body has just approved the first nuclear reactors to be built in more than thirty years. The two new nuclear reactors will be built at an existing site in Georgia, and there are several others waiting for approval. This is very disturbing news, particularly in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

Though the US is not the only country still holding on to nuclear power even in the face of overwhelming evidence that it’s neither cheap nor safe. Just this week, French Nicolas Sarkozy spoke out against shutting down the more than thirty year old nuclear power station at Fessenheim in the Alsace region. From a German POV, the refusal to shut down the aging nuclear power plant in Fessenheim is more troubling than whatever the Americans are doing in Georgia, because Fessenheim is very close to the German border and radiation has the unpleasant habit of not giving a shit about national borders.

Finally some potentially good news: British scientists from the University of Bristol have developed a magnetic soap that could help to clean up oil spills.



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