Green Energy as a Job Engine

The photo chosen by the Daily Telegraph may make him look like Gollum‘s younger brother, but the UK minister of energy Greg Barker is certainly on to something, when he stresses the economic opportunities offered by alternative energy sources such as wind power (Article found via Jay Lake). Of course, wind and solar power have already create a whole lot of jobs in Germany, though the solar power sector is experiencing some problems of late.

Meanwhile, The Scotsman reports that David McAllister, minister president of Lower Saxony, discussed a co-operation in the field of renewable energy during a meeting with Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond. As his name implies, David McAllister is half Scottish, so it’s obvious that he would get along well with Scotland’s First Minister. What is more, Lower Saxony is one of Germany’s largest producers of renewable energy, mainly wind power, but also water and solar, while Scotland is committed to switching completely to renewable energy.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg, not exactly known as a supporter of alternative energy, published an article by Osha Grey Davidson about the German turn away from nuclear power and how it is working out in spite of many naysayers, particularly in the US, which is still heavily wedded to nuclear power.

Bloomberg also features another article by Osha Gray Davidson, in which he or she expresses their surprise that the people of Hamburg use public transport and bicycles.

Regarding our monthly solar power figures, November is generally a miserable month for solar power generation for obvious reasons. And so the 274 kilowatthours of power generated by the solar cell array on our roof in November 2012 are actually one of the better November yields we’ve ever had.

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