Solar Power Yield for Summer and Fall 2013 and an Apology

First of all, apologies for the long delay in posting. However, we (Addy and Cora) have both been very busy and indeed we may have some exciting news for you soon. If you’re interested in what Cora is up to, you can always follow her personal blog.

On the solar power front, summer 2013 turned out to be quite profitable, because we had a lot of sun and warmth.

The solar power yield for July 2013 was 2537 kWh, which is not our best July ever, but certainly close. In August, the photovoltaic power array on our roof generated a respectable 1953 kWh, which is our second best August ever. Sadly, September was largely cloudy and rainy, so our yield was rather low with 1055 kWh for the month. Finally, in October, the solar power array on our roof generated only 561 kWh, which was our worst October ever. Partly, this is due to they grey and stormy weather here in North Germany and partly to the fact that one of the four inverters connected to the photovoltaic cells is broken at the moment and will be replaced soon.

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