2013: The Solar Power Year in Review

In January 2014, the solar cells on our roof generated 170 kWh of electricity. That’s on the low end for January. Indeed the only two Januaries that were worse were years where we had heavy snow, which covered the solar cells and kept them from generating energy. However, January 2014 was generally gloomy and rainy. Towards the end of the month, we had snow as well.

On to the overall solar power yield for 2013, which was 13546 kWh. Again, this is lower than usual, for we normally get over 14000 kWh, in a good year even over 15000. Partly, the low yield is due to a winter that lasted well into March and a miserable and wet spring. Summer was decent, but couldn’t make up for the bad first half of the year. Furthermore, one of the four inverters connected to the photovoltaic cells failed in late September, which significantly lowered the solar power yield, until the inverter could be replaced.

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