End of the year energy links

This is the blog I’m always neglecting, but I promise that I’ll get better in 2015. Meanwhile, here are some links to recent alternative energy news:

The big news this week was that 2014 was the first year that renewable energy was the biggest single energy source in Germany at 25.8% of all energy generated in Germany. The downside is that the share of lignite coal or brown coal, which is high in pollutants and requires stripmining, both of which makes it a major environmental hazard, of the overall energy market is up as well.

The other big news of 2014 was the rise of home energy storage systems for solar and other energy. 15000 German households are now equipped with home storage systems and as of November 2014, we are one of them. More about that (with photos) later.

Meanwhile, the Dutch company SolaRoad has developed a way of paving roads and bicycle lanes with solar cells. The first solar-paved bicycle lane opened in November 2014 and more will likely follow.

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